Saturday, August 16, 2008

Woopra Web Analytics Plugin For WordPress.

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Today at WordCamp San Francisco 2008 was great. I had to leave early but there were few notable demonstrations and presentations. One was the Woopra web analytics for wordpress plugin. We have been using the Woopra for some time now and very happy with its results. iFusion Labs demonstrated a new WordPress Integration Plugin showing how to bring Woopra statistics right into the WordPress dashboard.

This is the first time any service provider has allowed users to embed Web Analytics within their own site, and it offers a number of benefits to Web masters:

  • Immediate access to analytics, traffic statistics and user visits from within the standard WordPress interface.
  • Zero footprint on the local WordPress server speeds up your Web page loads without cluttering your database.
  • Users can customize the statistics interface with simple CSS modifications.
  • Users can modify the WordPress Plugin and contribute back to the community with changes and new ways to display the data.
  • It’s light, Ajax enabled, and sexy!
To experience this powerful new feature, download the new Woopra WordPress Plugin, but please keep in mind that this is a BETA. There will be issues with it. Please report bugs and issues in the Woopra Forums.


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