Saturday, May 03, 2008

Social Explorers Are Not Main Stream?

I came across this post via scobleizer and I read it in a gulp. Once I read it only I realized that not that many people socialize online, (I don't!!) but why?
"Some people only want to engage in conversation with people they know in real life and can go out and do things with and that makes sense because that’s how things have been forever. Naturally people tend to approach new things with caution and any skepticism may prevent them from trying it out. Another problem is that it really does take a decent amount of time investment before things ever get interesting on FriendFeed, Twitter, blogging etc. and most people are used to shooting the shit with their roommate, classmate, family and experiencing immediate feedback. "
Again, it becomes easier if you are the star, just like in real world, to indulge yourself. Once we have time to socialize on the net first we tend to give time to our close ones first and then with time left we look around. That is exactly how I found Julian's article, by visiting Scobleizer! Socializing online takes more time than in real world, to build friendships, trust and the need.
Julian the author promised to follow up the article with another.

As promised he followed up and the ideas from second article are in practice today to tutor children in third world. I am involved in one such and will be writing about it soon.

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