Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Facebook Changes Face For Better! Tabs Dominate The Controll

I was browsing through the profile previews of upcoming facebook interface changes. Few things I really liked even digging any further. Your profile will be presented in five separate tabs: Feed, Info, Wall, Photos, and Applications. And if the new screen captures are anything to go by, you will be able to add more tabs. (There is a plus sign at the end of tabs.)
Applications! Yes Applications will have their own tab under your profile! No of those cluttered applications! Photo tab is not much different from what you are used to.
Feed Tab is the Holy Ann! It will contain your recent activity, including stories about actions you have taken, content that you have uploaded and wall postings by your friends and visitors. You can change the view only to show the wall postings, if you want to and switch back to normal view. The new Publisher box withn Feed Tab has a few tabs of it's own and they will not only allows your friends to add wall posts and links to your profile, but it also enables you to add content to your own profile. This is the place where you upload photos, video, notes, links, and posts on your own wall. I think this is one of the best improvements as having to upload all of these different types of content in different places can be difficult and prevent many people from doing so. Now you can upload photos, video, notes, links, related to a wall post from the same place.

Facebook's album.

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