Saturday, April 05, 2008

Rest in peace, Mr Heston.

People we see in Movies

I was awed by Ben-hur, when I saw it as a child. But that awe did not keep me from falling asleep. It was too long for a child. It was only after I have grown up, that I saw the movie to the end, a few years ago. But I never forgot that thin lipped chiseled face and his acting. Charlton Heston is hard to forget. Rest in peace, Mr Heston.

Charlton Heston, the Oscar-winning actor who achieved stardom playing larger-than-life figures including Moses, Michelangelo and Andrew Jackson in historical epics and went on to become a best-selling author, a contentious Hollywood labor leader, an unapologetic gun advocate and darling of conservative causes, has died. He was 84. Heston died Saturday at his Beverly Hills home, his family said in a statement.
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