Friday, April 11, 2008

Live Maps from Microsoft Getting Livelier!.

Las Vegas, According to Live Maps
If mapping was a part of your social networking, Live Maps from Microsoft has done a major update and is looking livelier!.
One of the best is that added support for exporting waypoint Collections to KML, GPX and GeoRSS which you can load directly to just about any portable Navigation system. I love this as I love traveling and have no sense of direction. But I think what matters most is that more capability for mashups.
Following are the new features;
Export your Collection to Your Navigation/GPS device.
Improved 3D cities.
3D modeling with 3DVIA
Labels for Birds Eye imagery
1-Click Directions (Party Maps!)
MapCruncher Integration!
Enhanced Explore of Map Content from across the web contributed by other People
Neighborhood Subscribe via GeoRSS
Tour Enhancements including Hi-Def Movies.
Directions and Traffic Enhancements

The New Release of Live Maps and Virtual Earth 3D is now Live!

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