Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Intel Mash Maker, Mash Your Way Into Social Stardom

Intel has released beta version of its Mash Maker. I joined and played with it and I really like it.Then I set out to explore countless mashups done already by various people. Some are good and some are bad but you get a real nice ideas about what you could do with this tool. For now;

You can:

  • Build mashups on-the-fly - combine content from multiple sources such as web content, videos, maps, RSS feeds, photos, and display in one place
  • Manage your mashups - tools that let you manipulate, save as favorites, edit, sort, annotate, and share your mashups with friends, or with social network sites
  • Design and tailor your mashup your way - visualization features that let you customize, control the layout, and view your mashups any way you want
  • Adapt your mashup to your persona - inherent enabling technology delivers on-demand information, adapts to your areas of interest and preferences

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Pavlos said...

Hi there ravenll,

I’m sending you a press release from Wadja.com:

Wadja.com Integrates Picnik photo editing into Mediabox

Athens, Greece, April 29, 2008. Wadja.com (http://www.wadja.com) announced the integration of Picnik photo editing in Mediabox, its new and innovative social media sharing service. Newly launched, Mediabox allows its users to manage, display and share media content from their favorite top level, high traffic providers to any mobile handset, PC or notebook.

Picnik, the award-winning online photo editor, has been integrated in Wadja’s Mediabox. Users can now edit and enhance their favorite photos using a variety of editing tools and special effects, including crop, rotate, resize, sharpen and saturate colors. After “Picniking” a photo, users can share it with their friends and the rest of the world through the media section of their profile or through the public section of Mediabox.
“Wadja is committed to improving communications in ways that cross borders, ethnicities and cultures,” said Jonathan Sposato, CEO of Picnik. “Like Wadja, Picnik believes pictures speak in a language that’s universal and we’re thrilled that Picnik will be available to Wadja’s mobile users around the world.”

“We are extremely excited to offer the Picnik service to our users. Integrating the Picnik API into our Mediabox section will undoubtedly keep our users pleasantly engaged within their photos account, providing them with a rich and user friendly set of tools to deliver a photo editing experience second to none,” Alex Christoforou, Managing Director of Wadja, added. “Picnik simply raises the bar and sets a new standard for the exciting possibilities that web based photo editing and design can deliver, whether you are editing photos for web or mobile devices.”

Wadja’s Mediabox platform is further enhanced becoming a powerful tool in the hands of the users. Its functional features enable users not only to manage, present and share their media but to customize them according to their personal preferences.

Moreover, staying committed to its inherent mobile nature, Wadja’s integration of the Picnik API takes advantage of the resize and crop features to lower the volume of photos so that the user can easily transfer them to their mobiles. Wadja is empowering portability and interaction between web and mobile with no geographical restrictions and installation worries.

Wadja continues to offer added value services, staying committed to its users and its philosophy. The core concept is to create a truly open, customized and portable environment where the user will be at the centre of all spotlights.

About Wadja
Wadja.com is a mobile web, media and social messaging service, managing your communication and interaction from trusted sources (friends and family). Wadja offers a variety of communication options (free SMS, free mobile Email and web messages, completely spam-free), enabling users to receive and deliver social and media messages with any destination the end user wishes, both inside and outside the Wadja community. Award-winning Wadja (Mashable Awards 2006 “Best Mobile Social Network – People’s Choice”, PC Magazine & T3 “Internet Service of the Year 2007”, Greece ) is accessible on any mobile web device, PC or notebook, from anywhere in the world.

About Picnik
Picnik.com gives real people photo-editing superpowers. Because Picnik lives online, users get fast, easy access to a powerful set of photo editing tools for editing, sharing, and printing images using any Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, etc.) on any computer platform (PC, Mac, Linux). Since its official launch in September, 2007, Picnik has won several industry honors and awards, including the Macworld 2007 Editor’s Choice Award in the web category and the prestigious I.D. Magazine http://www.id-mag.com category award for best interactive design.


Pavlos Eirinakis
Member of the Wadja Team