Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Future Of OPLC

Michael Fitzgerald has listen to Nicholas Negroponte talk about One Laptop Per Child. Negroponte has said that making it a non-profit company gave him two advantages over making the company a for-profit firm:

1) “I was able to attract better talent than I could have even with stock options.”

2) “I could meet with heads of state because I had a mission.”

He says that what’s been weird about being a non-profit is having a competitive impact on large for-profit firms that make notebook computers.

As you know, OPLC has been under guns missiles and what ever criticism about Give one Get One program, it is creating sub what ever notebooks that people could afford and actually do well to accomplish what is needed to be done.

Asus EEE pc, Intels own classroom pc and the new HP's new sub note book, I do not think would have seen the light sooner if not for OLPC. (I have all except the new HP). I actually do my work on the run with Asus. The OLPC which I got with Give one Get one program is already in a third world country.

You can read more including Micheal's own comment at BNET Insight (a resource of business knowledge).

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gatsby said...

Thanks for your post. How do you like these experimental PCs?

Michael Fitzgerald

ravenII said...

Michael Thank You very much for dropping by.
I like the concept of these PC's but after the initial excitement wears, you find yourself reaching for your regular PC or Notebook. I use the ASUS EEE PC a bit more than others. But if driven, I could do all my work, except development and research work, on one of these micro PC's.