Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Deki Wiki “Itasca”; the Ultimate Software Developer Collaboration and Mashup Platform

I have been playing with Deki Wiki for a while now, trying to utilize it for a project I am working on. It is me the one who is slow and cumbersome, not the DekiWiki. Actually it is running right now on a virtual machine on this same computer I am working on. I have gone through a few upgrades since I started and system has been running smoothly. I just need to make mind up for going live. Now I am about to upgrade to Itasca.

Here is their press release.

MindTouch Releases Deki Wiki “Itasca”; the Ultimate Software Developer Collaboration and Mashup Platform

MindTouch today announced the release of Deki Wiki Itascathe latest version of its award-winning open source collaboration platform. Deki Wiki Itasca adds new capabilities to meet the growing collaboration need for project managers and development teams.

Deki Wiki source code and VMware image are available for download at http://MindTouch.com for free and without restriction. Also new in Itasca is the ability to deploy Deki Wiki directly on Amazon EC2.

Deki Wiki project management features connect teams of developers, leads, and testers throughout the software development lifecycle. Developers now benefit from integration with Atlassian Jira, Trac, Mantis, and Subversion to get real-time reports of bugs and code check-ins, providing a unified interface to all systems.

Furthermore, Deki Wiki provides syntax highlighting for 15 programming languages, including PHP, Ruby, and C#, for sample code and documentation.

Deki Wiki Itasca also adds many improvements to the user interface making it easier than ever to access the power of the platform. Teams can instantly bring their content to life, by combining components and applications from across the Webwith access to hundreds of services from Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and others. With Deki Wiki, users can collaborate instantly, share data across systems, and present information compellingly.

Other improvements include:

  • Smart Linking automatically suggests the most relevant pages and files for links
  • Improved performance, and more than 100 bugs squashed
  • Improved support for OpenLDAP, eDirectory, and ActiveDirectory
  • And more

Deki Wiki is a free open-source collaboration platform for authoring, aggregating, organizing, and sharing content. With over 250,000 installations, Deki Wiki is the worlds most popular vendor-backed enterprise wiki. To learn more, visit http://MindTouch.com or MindTouchs developer community at http://OpenGarden.org.

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