Saturday, March 01, 2008

SocialProfile Extension For MediaWiki From Wikia.

Wikis have always been social gathering places on the net for as long as I can remember, eons in Internet time. Wikipedia has over come many nay sayers and pundits that tried to paint it with gloom and doom to become one of the best databases for information in the world. I regularly work on it related to subjects I love (Physics), not I like.
We also have come to love the the open source MediaWiki to create our own little wikipedias. Although wikis are a places that people gather, there has been limitations in user interactions due to lack of resources. Now comes the SocialProfile package from Wikia, the commercial venture by Wikipedia creators. Now we really can get social at wikis.
This package of extensions will incorporate a social profile, user board, and basic profile information into MediaWiki, specifically Avatars, Friending, Foeing, User Board, Board Blast, and basic Profile Information. The package also notifies users via email when other users request them as a friend or foe and/or sends them a message. The package was developed by Wikia, Inc.
I found this information while lurking around at ReadWriteWeb and the ever resourceful Marshall Kirkpatrick takes you through other information that he (and me too) wish were open sourced by Wikia. If you ever wondered what Wikia is u to, it is great article to start with.

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flyang2002 said...

Are there any sites using this extenstion?

ravenII said...

Hi Flying
the following site uses it