Thursday, March 27, 2008

May I Jooce On Your Computer?

No It is not a dirty word! Yes you can ask that from anyone if you want to use someones computer to grab your email, check you messages, Upload a file. Jooce is your portable computer that is stored on the net.
You can access your contacts, your files be they videos, presentations, documents, (anything that you a computer used use everyday on their desktops.) All these is done without changing anything on the computer that was used to access Jooce.
Just imagine a remote village with one computer in a developing country. Some NGO has provided a computer and an Internet connection and say 50 users in the village shares the computer. I am sure in no time there will be 50 X n files on the desktop, 50X n folders in the hard drive and very soon no one will know which one is which. But not any more. With Jooce webOS, each user will have his/her own space. As a Jooce user, they can store everything on the net, create documents (I just signed in and I have not seen applications yet. Also remember the Jooce is in beta now, I am already loving it). So this village of 50 users will have clutter free computer and 50 very happy users with their own private little desktops.
I have gone through the FAQ and it explains what is nor self explanatory at joost. The interface is neat and easy to manage. I think we need something like Jooce, even if you are an armed to the teeth cyber soldier like me, with UMPCs, Smart Phones, desktops (multiple) , and laptops. Sometimes all these fail to respond and you may have to ask your neighborer, "May I Jooce On Your Computer?"

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