Sunday, March 30, 2008

11 Year Old Network Admin, Jon Penn.

Network Admins, People We SeeI read this at gizmodo but the news has come from Networkworld via Slashdot! Yes a pretty long track. I was very happy to read about this admin who took over when the former network admin folded and lefdt suddenly.
So during class breaks and lunch breaks this little guy has started to help out. But finally he has started doing a lot of work. Not just making sure cables are connected but he has evaluated products for content management, upgraded the sixty plus computers that were running windows 98. He also made sure that virus protection is up to date and being unsocial as well! ;)
"Along with school staff, the younger Penn has gotten involved in contributing to school policy on Web access. While blocking access to social networking sites such as MySpace wasn’t popular with many fellow students, he had to agree the school really didn’t need it." Aw come on now!. Let's mess up his lunch! no just kidding. Good work Jon Penn! Do well in that “A+ certification”
Of course he comes from this good school, Victory Baptist School.

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fourthgradefun said...

FYI, The old it guy was great. Jon.

ravenII said...

Thank Jon. But I think you are better ! ;)