Sunday, February 24, 2008

PicLens, Lets You Really See Your Photos.

I ran in to PicLens and I was hooked. I am not a professional photographer but I take a lot of photographs. Managing these photographs has been a pain as I like to keep them near me at hand (I have a image server running at home) but most of them are either on Picasa or Flickr. But I am seeing a different perspective of all these since I started playing with PicLens. I am seeing many a possibilities and new ideas for photography presentation.
I installed the Firefox plugin of PicLens and Cooliris Preview (That is another story !) and have been getting to know them, a lot.
PicLens to images is what Google to the web.
PicLens plugin transforms your browser, Firefox, IE or Safari into a full-screen 3D experience for viewing images on PicLens enabled sites across the web. But big sites like Google, Yahoo, SmugMug, Flickr, Photobucket, and DeviantArt are supported directly. I have installed PicLens Lite and adding my photos. The new interactive "3D Wall" lets you effortlessly drag, click, and zoom your way around a wall of pictures for an extraordinary viewing experience. The new search box lets you search the Web in full-screen using Google, Yahoo, SmugMug, Flickr, Photobucket, and DeviantArt. Just type a query and view all the results in the PicLens wall.
Super work PicLens team!
This will keep unsocialized for a while I get to know the society photographically.

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Jessica said...

Hi Raven,

Thanks so much for your thumbs up on PicLens 1.6. We really appreciate it!

For interested readers, below are links to two videos demos that give you an idea of what all the PicLens excitement is about. The first is by our team and the other by a PicLens fan!


Thanks, again.
Jessica & The Cooliris Team

ravenII said...

You are very welcome, Jessica and thank you for a super super product.

Meg said...

Hey from the Cooliris Team again! We wanted to let you all know PicLens has been selected a FINALIST in the 2008 Webware 100 Awards, out of over 4,600 2.0 Web service nominees! This is a HUGE accomplishment so thanks a TON for your tremendous support in getting us recognition! You can vote for PicLens at
http://www.webware.com/html/ww/100/2008/vote_browsing.html until 9am on March 31st. If you know anyone else that loves PicLens, make sure to tell them to vote too. Hope you will help us! ☺

Meg & The Cooliris Team

Mathew said...

An amazing image gallery enabled with picLens


Luna said...

Hi Raven,

Thank you once again for your support.

We thought you'd appreciate an update, as we've just launched PicLens 1.7 with three exciting new additions:

·Discover -- MSNBC, ESPN, movie trailers...Surf the latest media feeds on the 3D Wall.
·Shop Amazon -- Browse products from Amazon in a new virtual window shopping environment.
·Return to PicLens -- Easily toggle in and out of PicLens to your browser and desktop!

Check out http://www.piclens.com or http://blog.cooliris.com to learn more. We hope you and your readers enjoy it!

Luna and The Cooliris Team