Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Google's Social Graph API, Go Find Yourself And Others.

Google code is giving ideas to intelligently connect all the people and sites that matters to users and providing an easier path for developers to give users what they want. The following describes it better than I ever could. Please follow the link below to visit the site and learn more about Social Graph API.
There is also sample applications (3) and I spent a quite long time exploring them. Now to use the API to some real work.
"The public web is made up of linked pages that represent both documents and people. Google Search helps make this information more accessible and useful. If you take away the documents, you're left with the connections between people. Information about the public connections between people is really useful -- as a user, you might want to see who else you're connected to, and as a developer of social applications, you can provide better features for your users if you know who their public friends are. There hasn't been a good way to access this information. The Social Graph API now makes information about the public connections between people on the Web, expressed by XFN and FOAF markup and other publicly declared connections, easily available and useful for developers."
Social Graph API

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