Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Resveratrol SIRT1 and Why I'm Having A red Face, I am Prolonging My life!

Wired Magazine article says that we have found a way to extend our lives. Here is a little bit from the article. Follow the link below for the complete article.

SAN FRANCISCO -- For the first time, scientists have proof in human subjects that a derivative of an ingredient in red wine combats some symptoms of aging. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals announced the results here on Monday at the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference.

Resveratol, naturally found in red wine, stimulates a gene known as SIRT1, which has been linked with extended lifespans in rodents. The new study is the first time similar effects have been replicated in humans.

"We believe that this is the first time that a drug candidate has shown efficacy in a disease of aging by targeting the genes that control aging," said Christoph Westphal, CEO of Sirtris.

Sirtris was co-founded by David Sinclair, a Harvard Medical School researcher, who discovered SIRT1's role in regulating lifespan. His early work was in yeast, and he later showed that stimulating SIRT1 through a calorie-restricted diet helped animals live longer. Then, Sinclair found resveratol, which stimulates the same gene with results similar to calorie-restriction but without the diet. Resveratrol's effects in mice touched off a storm of excitement among people, including Sinclair, who began taking the drug in its over-the-counter form hoping to extend their lifespans.

Red Wine Drug Shows Proof That It Combats Aging

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usascholar said...

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rightontime66 said...

I have been taking resveratrol for 6 months from biotivia bioforte and the results have been amazing.
The first month I did not notice any changes but since then I have had much greater energy throughout the day, less appetitie so I am losing weight, and I have been sleeping sraight through the night. My quality of life has improved dramatically. Now I learn that there are possible anti-aging benefits and possibly anti-cancer and anti-diabetes effects as well.This is icing on the cake

Laura said...

when will SIRT1 will be available?

usascholar said...

It has been proven that RevGenetics Resveratrol activates SIRT1 better than any other supplement.

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