Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Web Hosting Reference Social Network, HostingBookmarks.com Launched

Looks like every nook and corner of the Internet is becoming a part of a Social Network or a niche social network, attracting users based on their needs or attractions. Sort of like yeateryears BBS'.
NewswireToday - /newswire/ - New York City, NY, United States, 12/30/2007 - Web hosting industry has already have its own social networking web site Hosting Bookmarks. It has been launched last week.

The purpose of the web site is far different from collecting commercial news about products and services that companies add to their hosting plans. The website aims organize various hosting topics and knowledge into a database. The new hosting reference network welcomes professionals involved in hosting industry to create profiles and to add articles, opinions, analysis, tutorial and help related content that would be useful to the community. The founder of the web site is the owner of DawHB hosting blog Dimitar Avramov. He is one of the known bloggers in web hosting industry.

"HostingBookmarks.com web site is not a technology innovative platform. In some way it is "just another social network" build on Pligg free content management system which power many social networking websites", says Mr. Avramov. He has however added that he believes it is important for hosting community to have a well-organized reference website where different people share their web hosting experience.

"When you changed a few web hosts, when you used different Control panels you know many things which you can share with others", says Dawhb.com blog's owner. He reveals that the idea to launch Hosting Bookmarks came when he was searching for quality blogs that cover various aspects of web hosting.

"I realized that I wasn't able to find good web hosting content within the popular social networks where people go mainly to have fun or to promote their blogs or websites. Then I decided to build a place where website business and web hosting addicted could bookmark, store, read, and search for various content by different categories and keywords", says also the founder of Hosting Bookmarks.

The new web hosting reference and social network site also invites tech bloggers who has experience in web hosting to bookmark valuable content and to share it with others.

"I would like to encourage you to create account in HostingBookmarks.com and to build good profile. This will help many people to find answers on many questions related to hosting industry" is the message that the founder of Hosting bookmarks send to his fellow bloggers.
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