Sunday, December 16, 2007

BoyCott Blogger, No Need To, Sign On To Blogger Comments With Your URL Via OpenID

I was wondering about this boycott Blogger hype and found that the concerns were right but at the same time, there are solutions to the problem. I picked up this from a ifacethoughts post that was made a year ago!. It tells you how to set up your blogger so that you can sign on with you blogger URL alleviating the need for boycotting!
Your Website Your Identity. If you own a URL already, like a Blogger URL, which is the focus of this discussion, you can use it to delegate the identity to your OpenID provider. For example, If you use yourusername.myopenid.com as your OpenID URL that identifies you, You can with a couple of lines of code, you can change your Blogger URL, any other URL to be your OpenID. So when you comment on a blogger blog next time, sign on with your own website url.

To do this;
First Get an OpenID: it will be something like username.myopenid.com (there are other sources for OpenID, check out OpenID site)

Step 2: Open the template of your blogger or your website and add the following lines of code in the <> section :
< href="”http://www.myopenid.com/server”" rel="”openid.server”">
< href="”http://username.myopenid.com”" rel="”openid.delegate”">
Replace username with the user name that you created in Step 1. Save and you are done. Your blogger URL is now your OpenID. So you can leave blogger comments that include your blog URL.
My problem is that I have too many web sites.
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