Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Social studies with "The Class Connection"

It says;

ManageBreak down your classes one at a time.
StudyFlashcards like you've never seen them before.
CollaborateFind a group, make a group, there's safety in numbers.
PlanStop keeping a calendar, let someone else do it for you.
CommunicateEvery message automatically organized.
StoreNever email yourself files again.
TutorGet it or give it, the choice is yours. Help is here.
I registered but could not verify! so had to go through the demo to get some information. Seems a valuable get together for people who are studying, tutoring learning. Might even help if you had left your homework in the bus!
It is fresh from Google Code; Google Code - Featured Projects: theClassConnection
and I think it is worth a look! here is the classconnection

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theClassConnection said...

Thanks Ravenii for taking a look at the site. We've tried to make a free tool for students everywhere to cleanup and organize their academic life.

We just moved to some new hardware, and that move had a few hangups. Those glitches should be fixed and the site should be ready for new students and teachers looking to simplify their studying.

Be sure to watch for high schools and international universities coming soon!

-theClassConnection Development Team