Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Revenue sharing folksonomy, is the aim of the Flixya

According to an interview done by Folksonomy.org, Flixya, a video sharing site seem to have hit a niche that others have forgotten or missed to see. Flixya employs a 100% revenue sharing system based on the Google ADSence income related to uploads and posts by it's members.
I am not much of a video bluff but I can see the value of such scheme. The widespread Video and photo sharing sites from small to huge, provides threats to any startup which by the way seem to be all WEB 2.0!
Flixya is built with the Google AdSense API and displays Google Adsense ads integrated around content submitted by members, and key features of the latest offering includes;
an adaptive ad optimization algorithm ,a mobile application suite, a media storage widget, private groups,geotagging and of course Facebook API integration.
You can find and read the Folksonomy.org interview here.

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