Thursday, August 23, 2007

Build a Social News Site courtesy of Notifir

I visited Notifir.com again because they generously linked me in their response to my post "The best social networking news sources according to Notifir!"
Then I was back on the Notifir (I already got an account. You might get one if you request a beta account).
Anyway the idea of this post is to tell you about how to build your own Social News Portal. Again this is a post on Notifir Blog.
Why this interest me is actually I am trying out some of the tools mentioned in the post;

  • Pligg.com - A Digg.com clone. Yes gone through a few iterations.
  • NewsCloud - A CMS with a news ranking system. Again diving into the code
  • Drupal + Vote Module - CMS with added functionality of a news ranking system. ?
  • Diggclone - Another Digg.com clone. I looked at it
  • Drupaligg - A Digg clone built on top of Drupal. Thanks for the tip! Will look!!
  • Upwarded - Has a blog widget. Seen before!
  • Wobblog - The link to the source is on the license page all the way at the bottom. !
  • Quickit - A Reddit clone written in Lisp. Could not find it
Anyway thanks for the clues and hope I can build my Social News Portal!

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