Friday, June 08, 2007

Six Multi Service IM clients, at your service

Tired of all the ads coming up on AIM? Is Yahoo! messenger delivering too little? Perhaps Microsoft IM (Live Messenger) not so alive and knows too much about you/ There are lots and lots of IM clients besides the ones mentioned above. examines and tell you how these applications let you hook into any of these three services, and usually more besides, like Jabber.
Again not all of these applications will offer all of the features you'll find on the big guys—video and voice chat come to mind—but most of them do a good job of unobtrusively keeping you in contact with your comrades. And socially visible. So we can say weseepeople!
Here are the applications that ExtremeTech examined (Although I have known and played with much more, it does not count as I did not do a good job like Mike);

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