Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Social Networking site Wis.dm launches.

Wis.dm has been in development for a little over 9 months and on May 3rd they launched wis.dm,according to wis.dm, a valuable extension to your online social experience. They also state that the vision behind wis.dm is simply to enable you to ask, share, grow and learn as a part of a rich and vibrant community. The premise is a simple question which you can ask to test the balance of opinion on something in particular or to prompt wide interaction amongst the community, all curious and excited by challenging questions and interesting discourse.

But according to bizjournals.com, Not everyone is enthusiastic. Mashable, a social networking news site, described it as "two years too late to the bookmarking game."

Check out for your self; you may gain some wis.dm

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