Friday, April 13, 2007

One Joost invite is ready for the taking

As an Official Joost beta tester, I would like to offer an Joost invite to weseepeople readers.
As Joost says it; Joost is;
TV, the way you want it
The magic of television, with the power of the internet built right in. Joost puts you in control, and TV will never be the same again.

I know the visitors to this site is minimal and to cover most of the visitors, I will keep this Joost invite offer open for a week.
If you like to have an Joost account, you need get a Joost invite in order to register at Joost.com.

So next Friday I will give away a Joost invite to a person from the comments left on this post.
Comment away.

Dear People, if you do not leave a contact email, I can't invite you! Some of the comments do not have an email address. If you are worried about spam, please take usual preventive care. I will only use email to contact you, that is also only if you win! Some Blogger accounts have email and I can contact those people via their blogger accounts.
Thanks! and good luck!!

If you want to know what Joost is;


Charlie. said...

Hey, I've been trying to snag one of these invites for ages. I suppose a lot of my interest is curiosity based, mainly because of my backgroud with programming and whatnot. If I could get an invite I'm pretty sure I would post up my experience with Joost and spread the word to a lot of my fellow students.

Raul said...

Hi! I'm interested in the several ways of Internet video transmission and I know Joost will be (or it is yet) one of them, so I want to try it.

Alan said...

Wow, it would be great if you could send me an invite. I've been trying for a while, no luck yet. For anyone else who's trying, go to http://blogsearch.google.com, and search for Joost invites, or something like that. Plenty of people giving them away!

Derek Overbey said...

I know Charlie got here first but if there is a way to get an invite, I'd like to get my hand on one too. I'm a VP of Marketing and I'm trying to see how we can integrate all our video content with real television in a cool format. Let me know.

Praful said...

Hello ... Plz send me an invite and i shall link out to your blog when i write bout joost. Once in, i can pass on the good will to lots of others as well.

smerickson said...

I'd love to try out Joost.

Flama said...

Joost Invitations Available at JOOST FOR EVERYONE PROJECT

Hideyuki said...

Joost, I never told you how I truly feel
You probably think my heart is from steel
Never shall I kiss someone else's lips
Not having you around feels like a solar eclipse

Joost, you are unbelievably beautiful
For you I would risk dying in duel
Words cannot express
How you have captured my heart with success

Joost, you mean so much to me
I never knew this could be
I anxiously await our time ahead
For now, I keep dreaming of you instead

All of you is what I need
I hope we will soon meet
This poem has come to an end
Remember that, without you, my heart feels bent

PaiasoLoco said...

Hey Charlie! this is a great idea that you had.

I'd like to be the recipient of your invite.

God Bless You!

Dale said...

Hey, that sounds so good. Thanks for your offer.

Micah said...

hbpencil86 [at] gmail [dot] com

Zoom said...

Hi, will love to recive an invite.

the_nacho said...


mikesrent said...

Thanks for the offer!
mikesrent [at] yahoo [dot] com

Ella said...

Hi, I'd love to test Joost out and pass out invites when I get them~ Could you send me an invite when you get more? Thanks!)


Silverfox78 said...

Seen it all. Tubes, transistors, IC chips for TVs, 8-tracks, 8088 PCs, Atari, DVDs, TIVO. Who doesn't want to be connected to all the worlds medium all the time. Joost is the next wave and I would like to be on top of that.

Please send me an invite!

dave said...

Can you send me a Joost invite? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well sure, why not. I'll leave my email and everything... generalgen(at)gmail.com

adam said...

please give a invite too. pretu please with sugar on top.

chad said...

I would like a joost invite pls.thks in advance. cdubb12ply@yahoo.com

chad said...

I would like to get a joost invite pls thks in advance. cdubb12ply@yahoo.com

Arie said...

Please send me an invitation.
my email is sergy2k@gmail.com