Thursday, March 29, 2007

Google's new Social networking tool! Google Notebook

Today I had my first experience with Google Notebook, and I am very happy about it. It is a notebook that you jot down what you need to do on, once you are on the internet. Most of the time I would be on the Internet, planing to do some work, related to a particular interest. But most often I drifted to a different theme, having lost what I planed to do.
Now I can open my notebook, make notes of things I need to do. And start on my work. But the best thing is that, I can share my notebook with my colleagues. And they may already know about the subject I am doing research, and guide me with their knowledge.
This is all without touching a email, IM or a phone. Also my colleagues could help me without being under pressure. So I would like to call it a low pressure social networking tool, if two or more people uses it the right way. SO go get your Google Notebook and don't forget to share it.
I think, the notebook, the Google notebook is going to be the first tab of my Firefox browser. If you are not using Firefox, you need to try and download it.
The other thing about Google Notebook is that it is already multi-lingual! It speaks or writes in 17 languages. More are coming according to Xiangtian Dai, one of the Software Engineers responsible for Google Notebook. To read more about Google Notebook directly from Dai, follow the link below.

Google Notebook goes multi-lingual

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