Thursday, February 22, 2007

When does social networking (Fans) overtakes a brand (Ikea) ?

I have purchased stuff (from furniture to meatballs) from Ikea and put the pieces together to create a something badly needed in my apartment. But I hate being inside ikea. I would rather go over the catalog's, choose what I need, then dash into the ikea store (there is one less than 6 miles from where I live) and dash out. Lay out the stuff and build
I guess getting a PHD in physics and staying smart pays off. I have never called a support line for any of the products I have bought. One reason, I do my research very well before I purchase any thing that is going to matter. And most of the problems that comes up, I fix it myself. Be it my computers, HDTVs, Cameras, and Ikea furniture.

But it seems quite different for most of the people and I do understand. The Associated Press article that I have provided link below, explains how Ikea fans got together to help each other out. Ikea, the world's largest furniture manufacturer manages to keep prices low through "automatic selling"; customers pull their purchases from warehouse shelves in flat-packed components. It's customer support comes in the form of two or three page document instructing how to put the furniture together.

"By design, IKEA is not set up to provide personalized help and information, but IKEAFANS is," notes Susan Martin, founder of IKEAFANS.com. For those people who are considering, planning or even currently installing an IKEA kitchen or other project, support, advice and/or one-on-one instruction is available from IKEAFANS.com.

The site's motto, "Personalizing the IKEA Experience" crystallizes the IKEAFANS way. Participants in the site's community forums enthusiastically welcome newcomers and jump at the chance to share information, assist with planning, review layouts, give free design advice and offer answers to obscure questions on just about any topic related to IKEA -- all in real time.

I for one will visit IKEAFANS.com, may be provide some help or advice where possible.
Follow the links, if you are an Ikea fan or want to see how to build a better mousetrap.

Ikeafans at work
Original news article about ikeafans

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