Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Social.com is for sale!

PRWeb) February 13, 2007 -- Guided Tour Software, Inc. is announcing that Social.com will be made available for sale in early 2007 and that prospective buyers can register their interest at http://www.social.com.
"The sale of Social.com will provide a timely benefit to the successful buyer," said Scott Carter, President of Guided Tour Software, Inc. "Social networking sites are coming online at a rapid pace with the successes of MySpace and YouTube, and a highly relevant name such as Social.com will allow a company to stand out from the crowd. Premium domain names have been appreciating at a consistently high rate over the years, making the purchase of Social.com a solid investment for the future."

The name "social" is unique in that it produces hundreds of millions of English search engine results and millions of results in other languages. As a generic, recognizable name with international relevance, Social.com is well positioned for many business ventures. According to Carter, "Given the global appeal of the name social, the interesting question is not who the eventual buyer may be, but from which country that buyer will emerge."

With the name "social" sitting at the crossroads of social networking, social media and social issues, Social.com can make both a business and political impact. While Carter understands the broad nature of the word social, he believes that Social.com can use that flexibility as a strength in engaging areas such as mobile social networking, video sharing, Web 2.0 applications, politics, dating or even Social Security services.

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