Saturday, February 17, 2007

Second Life and Vista Troubles.

Even though Microsoft had a splashy party in this virtual world about Vista release, I guess neither Linden Labs nor Microsoft worried about the interactivity of the two systems. According to a post by Tips Dr.,which lead me to the post on SL, the virtual world does not work in Vista due to incompatibility between Graphics drivers.
I really wonder if SL had so many users, then how come at least some of them were not beta testing the Vista. May be on the other hand not many people cared about Microsoft Vista. So it is may be because so few at SL is technically minded.
But visit to SL blog shows that the engineers are working on it and the blog ost received 143 comments.
The Post says;
"A number of people have been asking about support for Windows Vista.

The changes that are currently in the First Look Viewer are an important precursor to any reasonable attempt for us to debug problems with running Second Life under Windows Vista. These changes are just about ready for an official release, at which point we will start the process of ensuring that Second Life runs under Vista.

We hope to have the majority of these issues addressed in the next few weeks, and apologize to Windows Vista users that are currently unable to run Second Life.

Thanks for your patience,


And following the comments, I might be wrong, some people have been running SL on Vista for a while!

SL Blog post on Vista troubles.
Tips Dr post on the same

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