Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Random Flickr Photo blogging

I landed on a blog called "If I ran the zoo", well I do like the zoo but doubt I want to run it.
But I did find a gem of an idea, at the site, not an animal but a way to socialize, get to know someone and that persons camera!
The IIRTZ will give a random # every week and one is supposed to search Flickr for the an image associated with that number.
Then you write a small writeup about the photo and you will be soon riding the latest Flickr wave.
My next post will be a RFB, Random Flickr-Blogging, as the wanna be animal controllers call it.
If you want to do the same you may want to visit the links below. My RFB will be based on 3459.

RFB explained
This week's RFB

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