Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bebo the social network, gives you to chose the ads you see

Advertisements are the key ingredients of any site, be it a social networking, search engine or just a blog like mine. The revenue drives where the portal moves. But as you know these ads have angered, annoyed or all together prevented user from returning to a site. Remember those pop up days? I do not know if the those pop up ads are still prevalent. I get one or two pop ups that mange to get through my filters, firewalls and my good old FireFox.
I am also using IE7 and so far had a good experience.
So how do you make sure that you don't hurt your user population and yet manage to publish ads on your site? Well Bebo thinks, letting user chose what ads he/she wants to see might makes a difference. Is this profiled ads? Last time I heard was Turn was going against Google in Advertisement space.
While seeking answer to those questions, I came up with an article on adweek. May be that is what you read instead of this blurb ;). Follow the link.

Adweek, Bebo rolls out ad widgets
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Google AdSense
Turn on my ads

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