Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Wisdom of Crowds, they are tagging the world

The iNG, the link provided below, lead me to an superb article;
"The Hive Mind: Folksonomies and User-Based Tagging" on INFOTANGLE by by Ellyssa Kroski. Just the bibliography provided is just enough for you
This is an excellent article that anyone interested in social networking, folksnomy must read. If you don't know folksnomy from a folksong, like my dictionary then it is great introduction to folksnomy as well. Just the bibliography provided is just enough for you bookmark this article under one of your social bookmarking sites.
The article, some content that I do not agree has gems of paragraphs like;
"User-Based Tagging and Folksonomies
Unlike social-networking sites such as LinkedIn and Friendster, which concentrate on developing relationships, social sites such as del.icio.us, 43Things and Flickr focus their attention on organizing data. Users organize their own or other’s data in the public sphere and the social, or community, aspects arise from there as users share and seek out like-minded individuals."
That get your thinking cap's propeller turning. I enjoyed the article. Also knowing that Technorati has 21 million blogs to track and about 3 million tags, I happy to know that I introduced my own tags. Like the latest, Joosting, watching videos through Joost. Joosting is a common name in western Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium) but Now I have tagged it to communications through this article in VoIP IP Telephony.
While you are at it enjoy the tiny tag cloud of weseepeople, displayed on left, which is a tiny part of global tag cloud. Check my tags for this artcle below!!

Hive Mind, must read folksnomy article by Ellyssa Kroski

info NeoGnostic: The Wisdom of Crowds
VOIP IP Telephony: Joost invite is here, and I am Joosting!

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