Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Social networking through Fonts

I remember a decade ago when I was struck by love of fonts, addiction to try fonts. My Apple Mac Font folder was full, My PC was extremely slow due to hundreds of fonts in the system. Finally I managed to cure that and learned how to use fonts sparingly.
Then I was wandering what was the oldest font in the windows! and I was answered by social networking site centered on fonts, Urbanfonts.com where I found the answer on their blog, it is Fixedsys.
Now when I was thinking about social networking, fonts are the last thing and other than just typing up a misspelled article. But now I am wondering if I am cured of the fonthamia. Because I found a site that caters to Social networking and thousands of fonts and dingbats!
The site is Urbanfonts.com and houses thousands of fonts and dingbats in a variety of categories, grouped by use, alphabetically, by author and by popularity. Fonts can be displayed with custom colors and custom text to ensure the font would be suitable in a project before downloading and installing it. It is fun because the site is Web 2.0 based and navigation through the Font jungle is actually fun.Of the varieties offered, Some are serif fonts, some are fun and stylish and still others are in the style of foreign languages. All contribute to implementing successful design strategies.
I am sure I will try out a banner for website using one of these fonts. Saves me hours of photoshop meddling.
Using Web 2.0 enhancements, urbanfonts have created much more than a font catalogue, one could browse the Blog for news on the net and Forum lets you discuss your typography needs or questions. Cleverly helping you to remember pages, site allows you to bookmark pages so your favorite font will not get lost!
I think we need to font sometimes. Follow the link bellow if you love fonts and want to see people.

urbanized font
The oldest Windows font

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