Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is your Apple Green? I don't think so

Everything i from apple, such an innovative company, (By the way I love Apple products) is not Green. When I saw the Greenpeace website I was appalled. How could a such a progressive company like Apple do such a nasty things to our world, our society.
Greenmyapple.org has a load of info that I think apple should be ashamed of. If they did not know better, it is never too late to do. All the Apple followers will be happier and may be the few Zune buyers will convert t iPOD if they realize that Apple do care for the society and the world.
Since I do not ant to make any mistakes in repeating what greenmyapple.org says, I would like to visit the site, learn what it is about what Apple is doing wrong and promote the campaign. Follow the links below.

Greenpeace Green My Apple
Greenmyapple iPUSH

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