Sunday, November 12, 2006

Post election Voting machine round up

Lest all of us forget about the Voting machine's inabilities, faulty mother boards, vote missing, etc it will be another election coming with the same problems.
I think it is time that we push forward to find a better voting solution, better voting machines for this great social networking or as I would like to call it, mother of of all social networking. So I started crawl the net hunting for solutions. There are many a sites that devotes themselves to uncover the hidden truths in these machines. But this time I will stick to one site, that I became to trust during h Sony rootkit saga, Freedom to tinker.
Freedom to tinker has a collection of articles that tells us the state of voting and the machines right now. I will start with one just before the elections.

1.Diebold Quietly Recalled Voting Machine Motherboards
2.Diebold’s Motherboard Flaw: Implications
3.Unattended Voting Machines Already Showing Up (with a photo as well)
4.Post-Election Review
and end with post election review.

From the article;

"This is supposed to be impossible. Having examined a similar version of Diebold’s software, I know that when the Cast Vote button is pressed, the system is supposed to (1) invalidate the smartcard, then (2) record the vote, then (3) kill the voting screens, then (4) eject the smartcard. This voter saw Steps 1 and 4 happen, but not Step 3. (We don’t know whether Step 2, recording the vote, happened.) At least one voting screen was still there, and that screen was active: something happened when the Cast Vote button on that screen was pressed, but it wasn’t the something that would normally happen.

It’s hard to see how this can happen, absent a subtle, serious bug in this part of Diebold’s software. And by “this part” I mean the part that carries out the four-step procedure that includes recording the vote. Could this bug have affected vote recording for other voters? What other problems could it have caused? We don’t know. We could probably tell, given access to a Maryland voting machine."

I think it is time that we look at all the voting machines, not only just Diebolds, and be ready for the next election.

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