Friday, October 27, 2006

How to tame Gleeful Barbarians, Oops I meant children.

Frank Gruber over at Somewhat Frank, has written a nice article about Social Networking for Parents. He starts off with "Joseph Morgenstan once said, "Children are gleeful barbarians." So how do parents handle "gleeful barbarians?""
Then he goes on to explain how these guardians of tiny barbarians getting help. Seems web 2.0 is taking part of the credit. Means web 2.0 based social networking sites are providing places for parents to go seek or give help from/to each other.
After going through each link and describing the site a little he ends the article with an Alexa traffic graph. So it seems there are a lot of parents that give and take help. So go ahead and be a parent.
But make sure that you follow some of the links he has provided.

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