Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Welcome to Blogger beta

I just got this site setup in Google blogger beta. I first read about it on slashdot article and from there ended up reading about it at Significant Blogger Upgrade - Freshblog. From another article on freshblog I came to blogger home page. Tried to convert switch my old blogs but was denied! I said ok and I was presented with my google account login, I logged in and I was asked to create a blog. Here I am with a new idea that I had for a long time, we see people. In this material world we live in we need a place to really connect. We log in to places like myspace and forget about our real friends. Coffee shops, movie theaters, seashores (mountains for who lives far from sea). Anyway I do not have a final product but all the ground work is laid out. I will bring my ideas views on line here.
Thanks Google! for the Beta Blogger (take a tour), I already like it.

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