Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Very First 3D-Printed Bust Of A Sitting President Of U.S.A.

The ever 3D-Printed bust of President Obama was created by a team of specialists. Today we get to see the behind the scene info on Smithsonian-led team of 3D-digital-imaging specialists, Autodesk and 3D Systems, in collaboration with the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies took to created the Presidents 3D Portrait. It took two different technologically sophisticated 3D documentation processes to generate the data needed to create this portrait.
The experts surrounded President Obama with 50 LED lights, 14 cameras and handheld 3D scanners to capture the details. Then they used high-resolution 3D printers to recreate the hyper-detailed model.It might become the norm to create 3-D portraits of the President in the future but no info was released in that regard.
White House

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