Friday, November 14, 2014

Alan Turing, “You deserved so much better.”

Benedict Cumberbatch (right) as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.
Did you know;
"Alan Turing was a gay person, and in 1952 the government had convicted him for violating the existing laws against expressing homosexuality. It stripped him of his security clearance and even demanded his castration. The prosecution led Turing to kill himself in 1954. He was 41 years old."

“You deserved so much better.”
I did not know. I knew about Alan Turing and ever since has been intrigued by the Turing machine. Knew about his great feats in solving the German Cyphers, Enigma Code, during the World War II.
But to read the above sentence, made me ashamed in first place for not knowing about the heinous treatment one my hero's has received from his own government, supposedly a country of gentlemen and ladies. Sometimes we spend years reading learning about a persons work, without paying much attention to the person himself. I even wrote about Mr. Turing on this blog.Secondly I am ashamed that we live in a society that chemically castrates people because they are gay (This happened in 1954 or there about, not very far from today.)
But I am very happy that there are people, like Graham-Cumming, who seek justice and obtaining the apology from the British government.
I am relieved that I learned about this before, I saw the movie, The Imitation Game.
Read how Graham-Cumming, silently, calmly and intelligently achieved the task, an apology fron British government, on BackChannel.

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