Thursday, October 30, 2014

Verizon's Sugarstring, You WIll Not Read About Surveillance And Net Neutrality There.

Verizon launched a new site, supposedly covering technology, culture, and entertainment, but Surveillance And Net Neutrality will not appear any where if the instruction to editors and the recruiting process has any truth to it.
When it comes to surveillance, like every other major phone and credit card company in America was doing, Verizon has a wide open door for the data hunters. Net Neutrality, Verizon  led the charge to kill net neutrality.
So I will repeat what the Verge had to say;

But in the broader context, Sugarstring is frightening. It resembles a future where enormous corporations that own the pipes through which speech travels also own that speech. Hell, that's not even a vision of the future; Comcast already owns NBC, and its promises for good behavior as a vertically integrated superpower have an expiration date.

How Free Is Your Free Speech, The Daily Dot via  The Verge.

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