Sunday, January 20, 2013

Got Facebook? Check The New Privacy Settings!

Everyday millions of us hit our Facebook pages, from our desktops, smart phones or even work computers, where it is allowed (and some times not.)
But very few think about the privacy setting. Again privacy setting on Facebook is like chasing a rainbow. They keep on changing.
From basic privacy setting of sharing your posts and photos with a select few or the whole world to how you connect to the Facebook could be chosen.
What do you do with old posts? does the current setting apply them as well?
What do you do with other people tagging you in their posts and photo when you plan only to share your info with a close circle of friends?
Well without going into much lengths, there is a guide, well written by my Twitter friend, Ruhani Rabin, taking you through all the folds of Facebook privacy.
Read Ruhani's post and be knowledgeable.

All Of U.S. Congress Is On Twitter Now

#bangs! It is good to know that now when you want to reach out to your senator, you can do so through your Twitter account.
Twitter blogged that;
The 44th President and 113th Congress on Twitter On Monday (Jan. 21), Barack Obama will be publicly sworn in as President. While buzz about the Inauguration builds on Twitter, the legislative branch has some news of their own: as of today, all 100 members of the Senate as well as 90% (398 members) of the House of Representatives are on Twitter.
And if you want to find your senator on the twitter follow this list to find him/her and if you also find your House member among 398 of them, follow this link.
It is not only the House (90%) and Senate that is making news, our First Lady, Michelle Obama (@FLOTUS) is making '#bangs' on the Twitter.

In addition to the above accounts, the following services and agencies are also on the Twitter, bringing you news about President Obama(@BarackObama) Inauguration. @SecretService@ObamaInaugural@MetroInaug@USCapitol@JCCIC2013, and@DHSgov.