Friday, August 05, 2011

Google Helps Restoring Oldest "Search Engine", Bletchley Park, Block C!

After helping out last year with the bid to buy the papers of the British computer scientist and wartime codebreaker Alan Turing and return them to their rightful home at Bletchley Park. This February.the papers came to it's rightful place.

Google is going still further by kicking off a campaign to help restore and preserve Block C at Bletchley Park;
"Today, Block C is derelict. We hope to help restore it to serve as a visitor and learning centre for both Bletchley Park and the UK’s National Museum of Computing. The fund-raising campaign kicked off this week with a Google-supported garden party in the Bletchley Park grounds, at which over £10,000 was raised. We still have a long way to go, though, so if you’d like to contribute, please donate at the Bletchley Park website."
Please visit the links to learn more about the place, Turing and others as well as Colossus—the world’s first electronic programmable computer.

Official Google Blog: Restoring Bletchley Park, birthplace of modern computing

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