Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be Proud And Part Of Those Celebrating Pride 2011,

Do you see any difference?
Sometimes I really wonder why all this animosity against the LGBT people all over the world. In the height and midst of these emotions, we fail to see that there are equally large number of people who support and accept the LGBT community. Largely we all fail to see how proud the people are of themselves.
Having grown up in the Netherlands, I never felt that the LGBT were different. In fact there was two couples in the same faculty where my father taught. So I grew up knowing, and feeling that they were no different from me. These couples had children and they were my classmates. I did not feel any difference in them either. I played, fought, laughed with them, the children and never knew any difference. So...
So when I landed in San Francisco, I did not mind the fun and bright people of Castro Street. I went to watch some of those parades, to celebrate the freedom they were seeking.
I feel we all should step up and support LGBT community because it is true part and parcel of the greater community. It does not matter if you are straight, I am and I have no problem what so ever, for being with, supporting LGBT.
So when I saw Googlers were celebrating their Gayglers and others all over the world, I felt that it is the path thee most of us should be taking.
In addition to our external efforts, we’re also working from within. Recently, we extended domestic partner benefits in regions such as China and Hong Kong. Last year, Google adopted a policy promoting benefits equality through a gross-up on imputed taxes for health insurance. We provided the equivalent of the Family and Medical Leave Act for same-sex domestic partners and updated the definition of infertility. Happily, over the last year we’ve been approached by many organizations looking to do the same.

Official Google Blog: Celebrating Pride 2011

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