Friday, February 11, 2011

Google Weddings Makes Wedding Planning A Piece Of Cake!

When I saw the Google news yesterday, I did not think much of "Google Weddings" as a wedding is not even in the horizon for me! But it was not the case for some friends of mine, actually a FoF, friend of a Friend.
So I told them about the Google weddings and went about my work. This morning I got an email from the bride to be of FoF, thanking me profusely for the information. Apparently she found it very useful. So I visited the blog and the Google weddings site today.
Then only I realized how well Google has put together all the necessary things for a couple to start their journey together. From a unique introduction of "Our Story" to "wedding Events", Location, RSVP and Guest boo, Photo gallery and of course, the registry.
It is all there. Too bad I am not getting married next year, other wise I would have entered for a chance to win $25,000 and have a dream wedding (see Official Rules). Plus, Michelle Rago, a renowned wedding planner, and her team would have advised me / us on location, flowers, food and other design elements to create a day that is uniquely their own. So go ahead and enter.
You will find all the information at google.com/weddings
Official Google Blog: More “I do”s, less “to-do”s: wedding planning simplified

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