Monday, February 07, 2011

Google Summer of Code 2011, It Is On, Student People, Apply Now!

GSOC or Google Summer Of Code is an event we get to see inventive and innovative people, or students from all over the world. These students, guided by their mentors and supported by Google have brought us new tools and programs over the years. This introduction to Open Source community and to programming itself with stipend from Google (One thing I relally like about Google is their Dollar is a Dollar in USA, India, China or Timbuktu, leveling the playing field.) Over the past 6 years Google Summer of Code has had 4,500 students from over 85 countries complete the program.Some student participants gone into becoming entrepreneurs and other continued their education supported by Google stipend.
"Spread the word to your friends! If you know of a university student that would be interested in working on open source projects this summer, or if you know of an organization that might want to mentor students to work on their open source projects, please direct them to our Google Summer of Code 2011 website where they can find our timeline along with the FAQs. And stay tuned for more details coming soon!"

Google Summer of Code Announced at LCA - Google Open Source Blog

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