Thursday, January 20, 2011

Iranian People Gets Google Earth, Picasa, Chrome Downloads, But Not The Iranian Government.

We all know how hard people in Iran tried to get their news out when Iranian government blocked any news from flowing out by deporting foreign journalists, shutting down media outlets and even blocking cell phone communications.
But people were able to use services like Twitter, Youtube and other means to get news out. But those same people were unable to use new software like Google Earth, Picasa and Chrome that we have come to rely in day to day use. due to export restrictions.
Some of those restrictions have been lifted and today, Iranian people, but not the Iranian government (Google will continue to block IP addresses associated with the Iranian government) will be able to download Google Earth, Picasa and Chrome
Keep up the communications and openness.
Official Google Blog: Software downloads for Iran: "Google Earth, Picasa, Chrome Downloads to Iran"

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