Thursday, October 01, 2009

Oogle In 51 Languages Through Google Translate

I use Google translate very often to communicate with some of the people that I work with but when we do not have a common language, through translation bots on Google.
I also use it to browse through foreign language websites and news sites.
Sometimes it also helps you to horn a language that you are learning or have learned a while ago and forgotten for lack of usage.
What ever the case, now you have opportunity to translate in additional 9 languages, bringing the total languages on Google Translate to 51!
I also leaned some thing today;
You can translate e-mails within GMail, translate web pages using Google Toolbar, translate RSS news feeds from around the world in Google Reader, and translate documents in Google Docs.
And if you work with translations a lot, Google Translator Toolkit might help you a lot.

Official Google Research Blog: 51 Languages in Google Translate

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