Thursday, October 15, 2009

Keep Your Reputation Clean On The Net With "Reputation Management"

Google, I think in managing the people who come running to it to remove personally damaging or embarrassing information. Even though Google is not responsible for such data on it's servers on search farms, first place people write seems to be Google.
Always, Think three times before putting your personal information online.

But there are more things yoou could do if the horse has already left the barn. I think the following article is both valuable to everyone.
You can read it also on Webmaster Central Blog
Managing your reputation through search results


Site Booster said...

I believe the best practice will be to preemptively handle the reputation damage by some preventive measures instead of trying to outweigh the negative buzz against you.

Actually, it might be inevitable to face cases where your reputation is at stake and something unexpected happens to you. Then, Google’s post could help somewhat, but it’s only in the world of search engines, not social media. That’s something that requires different approach to outweigh your negative side by the positive aspects.

ravenII said...

You are absolutely right about social networks. Seen too many ugly situations.
Again being mindful will always help