Monday, September 21, 2009

"I Am What I Learn" Tell Us How! To Win $1000 From Department Of Education (DOE)

YouTube and Department Of Education has come together to boost the morale of US Students and teach all of us the value of education.
All the students of USA has to do is make a video (two minutes or less) showing how the education will guide you to your dreams and goals of life, and upload it to the Department of Education's YouTube channel.
I wish I had such opportunity when I was in high school, as there were many things I could do with $1000 to achieve my dreams, which I have reached in any case, due to the excellent education an opportunities I received.
The contest is open to U.S. middle, high school, college and post-grad students, ages 13 and up, and the deadline to submit is October 20. For complete rules and FAQs, please visit www.ed.gov/iamwhatilearn.
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