Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orkut Photo Albums Get Face detection

When I started working with face detection on my Picasa albums, I was thrilled and It was fun to discover how viral it was. You could basically get your family and friends to do the editing for you. Basically when one is recognized in an photograph that is shared, all the photos of that person get recognized.
In group photos, you might not know all the people in them but your contacts and family and friends do!.
So with Orkut getting this feature, you will be relieved of having to tag each photo individually, Orkut will try to recognize your photos as they are uploaded and to make the task even easier, there is an auto fill feature, just start typing the name of your friend and the the auto fill will complete the name.
Keeping the privacy in mind, only your friends will be able to tag you in their photos. Of course if you do not like or want it, you could turn this feature off.
I am for one looking forward to it.
orkut Blog: Face detection in orkut photo albums– photo tagging just got easier


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