Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Orkut Skin Previews Via Activity Streams

Orkut has added skin updates to your activity streams. So you will be able to see all the new skins that orkut has implemented lately, without having to dig through them.
Now you will see your friends skins via the activity updates and of course you can previews the skin by clicking on your friend name.
I think this lead me to believe that it is better to get all my friends or add more frinds to my lists so I can preview more skins. Then again, I will have to dig them up!
orkut Blog: Skin updates in Activity Streams

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Leonard said...

I am new to orkut and what I have found is that it's an entirely different language. For instance what are 'skins' --'scraps' and a few other terms I have never even heard of. It would be nice to have one of your bloggers write up a glossary that can bed accessed by newcomers so we can understand what is going on.