Saturday, March 21, 2009

Barclays Bank Tax Avoidance Schemes Documents

Barclays Bank lawyers had no clue as where their nuts lay and banned The Guardian from publishing of internal Barclays Bank documents alleged to detail huge tax avoidance schemes by the company that total more than $16 billion.
But the documents are out and many people and sites are taking an stand. Perhaps the UK Judge erred in his infinite wisdom or those wigs they wear is made of lead. Either way another attempt to keep the public uninformed thwarted.
I learned about this at TechCrunch and wikileaks (Overloaded with traffic) has the documents as well.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Google Friend Connect Gives More Help With The New Friend Connect Help Forum.

Even though Google Friend Connect had good help resources at the Friend Connect Support, like setting up your site, adding social gadgets, and the difference between a friend and a member, folks at FriendConnect has brought out another resource.
They have secured a place in the New Google Help Forums and you can post your questions, tips and tricks for FriendConnect at the new Friend Connect Help Forum.
I did not have much problems with the Friend Connect Service but if you did now you know where to find help.
Via Social Web Blog

Monday, March 16, 2009

FriendFeed Offsite With FrienFeed Desktop App.

FriendFeed has revealed another way to keep tab on your friends, off the site. With the new Adobe Air-based desktop application updates whenever your friends post something on FriendFeed on your desktop.
The difference is invisibility this time, that is until there is something to see. Unlike many ways that you keep a watch on your friends like IM notifications, RSS feeds, e-mail digests, or the Facebook app, where you have to flip between what you are doing and the method, Bubbles are the way with Friendfeed desktop app.
You can even comment directly from the bubble that pops up to inform you of update.
You will need Adobe - Air to run the application but it is easy two clicks to install.
FF Blog
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Amazon Kindles A DCMA Fight With Kindlers And kindlepid.py!

I am most wrote a foue letter word and Amazon after that. It looks like that Amazons kindle files are actually mobi files and locked.
As usual someone went and found a way through the weak protection so that other books (legally purchased) could be read on Kindle. So the application or the script that provided the means were found on the net, somewhere.
Then someone, who was interested in these mobile stuff, posted a link to the files and got a take down notice from Amazon.
Well I thought Amazon and Kindle was cool and was genuinely happy to see kindle for iPhone but I know now, how I will read my books.
Time to look for a ebook reader for iphone. Oh Four letter word Amazon, I am going to get Moleskin Book out of my iPhone ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Social Services Profit, Flickr Collection At Getty Images

Looks like Yahoo found another way to make money from Flickr, for creators of photographs, the middlemen (yahoo and Getty) and who ever else pick up the crumbs, like ad agencies.
The Getty site has a nice Flickr Collection and promises to make it dynamic and larger as time goes by. The pricing is not cheap, $50 for 500KB photo to about $330 for a 47.5MB photo.
The getty images seeing the value of 3 billion and growing collection of photographs, has hand picked photos from user submitted accounts.
More than being another collection, the getty flickr collection has added value in being able to search by categoreis such as concept, people, location, subject and composition.
If you are planing to make money from your photos at flickr, you need to be chosen to sign up with getty images and flickr has all the information on this page, such as;

"How can I participate? Getty Images’ photo editors will identify photos that they would like to feature in the collection and reach out directly to members of the Flickr community via a new platform that we are developing for them.
Hope this will be a better deal for all those photographers! not a dead fish!