Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Is Washington Post a door of a public toilet stall?

This post on CNET's News Blog is telling us that If Jim Brady had his way, there would be no guaranteed anonymity for those who post comments to Washingtonpost.com. If you still continue to read (I am not putting down, the blogs author) you will realize that Brady mentioned at one point; "that many of the posts weren't comments at all, but the kind of thing "you might find carved on the door of a public toilet stall."" So Brady, does the shoe fits you! If so wear it!
Too bad washingtonpost site had some good blogs that USED to read, I think I will come back when Barady is gone! Why you may ask and my answer would be, for one thing I respect free speech and I also respect Brady's right to do what ever he wants to do with his site. But I will not give my credit card number so that I can leave a comment! If I am not allowed to express my ideas, there is no use reading. There are plenty of other places where I could spend my time.
Anyway I really really do not like going to public toilet stalls!

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